• Installation of the Freedom Apk

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    You can install freedom.apk the Freedom apk application in your android device. But this app is not available in the Google playstore. All you need to do is,

    • Install the bluestacks application on the laptop or on your desktop.
    • When you install the bluestacks application in the computer or the desktop, you will be redirected to the Android emulator.
    • From there you can search the Freedom Apk and install the application on your device.
    • One thing you need to do is, just activate the install from unknown resource option.
    • While you use this option, you can install the application from the third party resources easily.

    When you install this application, you get a full access to all the games that are installed on your mobile device and thus you can use the coin to play the games.

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  • Viva video installation in Android

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    This application is available viva video free of cost on all the platforms. This application can be installed in all the devices which have an Android operating system.

    Installation procedures

    • You can easily search the application in the play store of the device.
    • From there all you need to do is to select the download the option.
    • By selecting the download option, you can install the installer file in the device.
    • Sometimes there arises an issue that the application does not get installed on the device directly.
    • But for doing the installation in the device directly, you need to enable the option of third party installation.
    • By enabling the third party installation option, the application can be installed in the device.
    • All you need to do is allow the installation from the unknown resources.
    • When the application is installed in the device, a shortcut of the application gets created on the device.

    You can place the icon of the application on the home screen of the device. From there you can directly open the application whenever you want to use the application.


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  • Know about Zapya

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    Zapya is an application which helps in file transferring. This Zapya application has become one of the world’s best and leading application for its features. This application provides zapya transferring of data without the help of any cable or wired connection. This device neither requires a Wi-Fi connection for transferring data.

    People all over the world is downloading this application their smart phones and using it for file transferring purposes.

    Zapya in many languages

    The application is available in many different languages and can be used with an android, iOS and windows phone pretty easily. The application makes the connection with the neighboring devices and helps in sending data from phone to phone. With the help of the device, images, videos and music files can be sent to any other device within a few seconds. The applications also do not use any mobile data to send the files over the devices. Overall the file sharing service has become easier for its users.

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  • How to download the ShowBox app for the MAC devices?

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    Showbox is the application that streams your movies and videos easily showbox on your phone. The developers of the app have not only created it for the android phones, but they have also provided the app for MAC and other operating systems as well. The problem with the app is that, you can’t run it on your devices directly. In order to have that, you need to go through the whole process of app downloading. 

    The application is downloaded on the MAC devices with the help of android emulator. Following are some simple steps to learn about the ways to download the app in MAC operating system.

    • First of all, you have to download the android emulator in your device.
    • Secondly, you have to find the APK file of the Showbox app from the authentic site of the internet.
    • In order to download the app in your device, you have to save the apk file and keep it on the desktop.
    • Right click the icon of the app.
    • Here you will find various options, but you have to choose the “Open with” option.
    • It will allow you to open the app through android emulator.
    • Now install the application on your personal computer.  
    • Once the application is installed in your computer, then you can also access it from the menu options.
    • At last, you can find different movies and videos from the app.

    After following these simple steps, you can download the application on your MAC operating system. If you face any type of problem, then you can comment your issue on the official website.


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  • The woman in Red

    Monarchies have changed a lot since the past. They now marry journalists, lawyers and writers, including handball players that eventually become frogs. Fascination about kings and queens in the past can be compared to some of the singers and actors today. Now the Kings are human, they make mistakes, they go on an elephant hunting trip and then apologize.

    After a busy summer working on the Olympic and Paralympic Games and living a unique experience, I am ready to resume my posts, and I will try to publish a bit more often than before, so, let’s get back to the subject of today’s post. The London Borough of Greenwich was declared Royal in a small ceremony that took place last February, apart from the beauty of the area the Royals showed once again their preference for this lovely borough with a great maritime and historical past. Here’s where the body of Admiral Horatio Nelson rested, here is where Henry VIII was born, and this was where he and Anne Boleyn used to meet, right there on the slopes of Greenwich Park, before she lost her head. And many, many years later, another monarch made her royal appearance in the neighborhood, this time to inaugurate the most awaited new Cutty Sark, the vessel which used to carry tea from Asia to Europe. After it caught fire back in 2007, it has taken a multimillion pound renovation. The Duke of Edinburgh is the official Patron of the Society for the Preservation of the Cutty Sark and both he and his distinguished wife profess a special love for this beautiful borough

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